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We need your feedback!

Bat Bridge is entering NPR’s Tiny Desk concert contest. We are limited to one entry and need help choosing which video to enter, so here’s how you can help us:

1. Click this link to the YouTube playlist with the three songs we’re considering:

2. Watch and listen to all three videos (preferably through good speakers or headphones)

3. Leave a comment on YouTube or here on Facebook letting us know your order of preference. If you are also familiar with NPR Tiny Desk concerts and think one video/song would be a better submission for their format specifically, please tell us why.

4. (optional, but greatly appreciated) “Like” the videos and Subscribe to our YouTube channel! We will be putting together a press kit soon, and an active YouTube channel will help us book more gigs. (channel link:


Bat Bridge 🦇

Davi, Dan, Steve and Eli

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